Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing in Devon

The County Council provides a range of statutory and non-statutory public health duties, including providing advice and guidance to GPs, and working with the NHS and Public Health England on health protection.

Providing targeted support for families that need it, promoting teenage health and addressing low achievement and low aspirations at pre-school, and at primary to secondary transition are some of our priorities.  Lifestyle choices, and the importance of people taking personal responsibility for their health to help reduce the risk of future ill health are also important, and we are working hard to promote and support people – including those with dementia – to maintain independence in older age.

With a total budget of £20.75 million in 2013/14, our main challenges are:

  • Supporting the health needs of an ageing population
  • Maintaining health and wellbeing services across urban and rural areas
  • Reducing substance misuse including alcohol and tobacco
  • Helping people make healthier choices, including tackling obesity and increasing their physical activity
  • Promoting positive sexual health.

Current Services and Expenditure

Below is a breakdown of some key services in this area and how much we are spending on them in 2013/14.

Sexual health£5.4m
Tackling obesity£400,000
Promoting physical activity£200,000
Tackling substance misuse£6.0m
Tobacco control£1.4m