Administration and efficiency

Administration and efficiency in Devon

The County Council is committed to being as efficient and business like as possible.

Huge savings have already being found over the past four years with a major restructure reducing management costs by 25%.

Corporate services vital to help the whole Council to function well include finance, human resources, information technology and legal and democratic support.

With a total budget of £40.5 million in 2013/14 our main challenges are:

  • Ensuring we have a strong core of services to support the Council through the difficult times facing local government
  • Managing the budget efficiently for the whole Council and service areas at a time of growing economic pressure
  • Ensuring we have an IT infrastructure fit for the future
  • Supporting our staff through times of change and uncertainty
  • Supporting our Members as tough choices are made about the future shape of the Council
  • Identifying and introducing new ways of working to drive efficiencies and provide more flexible working opportunities.

Current Services and Expenditure

Below is a breakdown of some key services in this area and how much we are spending on them in 2013/14.

Procurement and Estates£7.57m
ICT infrastructure£8.32m
Human Resources£4.92m
Legal and Communications£2.28m
Democratic Support Services£2.78m
Coroners Service£1.06m