Budget setting process

Throughout autumn 2015 there was a series of meetings across the county about the tough choices the County Council faces in setting its budget for the coming year.

There were nine meetings in total with district, town and parish councillors.

A budget priorities survey also took place from October 2015 to January 2016.

Budget setting calendar and process

Devon County Council has a statutory responsibility each year to set a balanced budget. The process to decide, agree and set a budget is a long one and involves a number of meetings spread over a period of 3 months.

DateTimeMeeting titleWhat happens at the meeting?
9 December 201510.30amCabinetDCC Cabinet members review the target budget for 2016/17
11 January 20162.00pmBudget consultation with trade unionsCommunity groups have the opportunity to comment on the target budget for 2016/17
14 January 20162.00pmBudget consultation with representatives of older people / voluntary sector
15 January 20162.00pmBudget consultation with the business community
14 January 20162.00pmHealth and Wellbeing scrutiny4 scrutiny committees review and scrutinise  the budgets for their areas
19 January 201610.00amPeople’s scrutiny
21 January 201610.00amPlace scrutiny
22 January 201610.00amCorporate Services scrutiny
29 January 201610.00amJoint scrutiny budget dayAll 4 scrutiny committees meet to discuss the budget


At the end of January / beginning of February the County Council pulls together the final budget.


DateTimeMeeting titleWhat happens at the meeting?
12 February 201610.30amCabinetDCC Cabinet members agree the final budget for 2016/17 and recommend the level of council tax for 2016/17
17 February 20162.15pmFull CouncilAll Councillors meet together as the Full Council and approve the final budget and any council tax rise for 2016/17

Can I attend a meeting?

All of the meetings are open to the public. For everything you need to know about participating at meetings, visit Democracy in Devon.

Alternately you can watch them live via the council’s webcast.