2011 have your say online results

Nearly 500 people expressed their views on spending priorities online or via paper copies (the survey was also available to print off or in Easy Read format).

Results from the survey suggest the following:

People were asked where they felt savings could be made.

The majority of people wanted to protect spending in almost all areas, with only seven key service areas identified for budget reductions although the top services where people felt the level of spending should not be reduced were:

  • Community care services for older people and those with physical disabilities (70%)
  • Residential and nursing care for older people and those with physical disabilities (70%)
  • Safeguarding vulnerable children (69%)
  • Support for vulnerable adults (64%)
  • Mental Health Services (64%)
  • Support for children with disabilities and their families (64%)

In fact, all the services which involved looking after people (young and old) and looking after the vulnerable and disabled were the main areas where people felt spending should remain the same.

The survey provided people with the opportunity to reduce spending in services by 10% and 20 %. There were very few services which people felt should take a reduction in spending.

There were a few services, where the majority (in some cases this is a very small majority) felt a 10% reduction in spending could be made.

  • Special Educational Needs Support (46%)
  • Planning and Development Control (45%)
  • Transporting Children (41%)
  • Highways and Traffic Management (40%)
  • Trading Standards (37%)

There were only two services where the majority of people chose to reduce the spend by 20%

Street Lighting (49%)

Countryside, Heritage and Arts (38%) – It was felt that although this was important in Devon, especially the environment, in times of difficultly it would be better to focus on supporting people.

People were also asked if they would like to pay more to protect some services.  The majority (52%) said they would not.