Key findings from the budget priorities survey 2013

Nearly 750 people expressed their views on budget priorities online or via paper copies; the survey was also available to print off and in Easy Read format.

Results from the survey suggest the following:

People were asked from the main services provided by Devon County Council whether they thought spending should be protected, or reduced.

When asked which of the services listed they would like us to protect the most, three-quarters of respondents indicated a preference. The top priorities were –

  • Safeguarding vulnerable children (95%)
  • Community care services for older people and those with physical disabilities (90%)
  • Mental health services (88%)
  • Support for children with disabilities and their families (88%)
  • Residential and nursing care for older people and those with physical disabilities (85%)
  • Support for vulnerable adults (83%)

When asked if any services listed should particularly have investment reduced, two-fifths responded. Those services where it was felt a reduction could be made were –

  • Streetlights (78%)
  • Planning and development control (74%)
  • Trading Standards (66%)
  • Economic development (63%)
  • School transport (63%)
  • Countryside, heritage and arts (60%)

When asked whether they would you pay more council tax to protect services, based on 538 votes, 81% of respondents selected β€˜Yes’.