Children and families

To find out what children and family service reviews are happening/have taken place in Devon, please select the service from the table below.

Under reviewStatus
Youth ServicesRecommendations approved
Children’s Centre ServicesRecommendations approved


Children and Family Services in Devon

The County Council has a range of statutory duties relating to children, young people and families.

Protecting and caring for children at risk, supporting the most vulnerable young people and helping families in need of extra support are all top priorities.

Other key services include supporting children with additional needs, youth services, and fostering and adoption services.

With a total budget of £116.7 million in 2013/14, our main challenges are:

  • Meeting growing demand for services
  • Meeting tougher standards on safeguarding children
  • Improving the way we look after children in care, increasing the number of foster care placements and speeding up adoption
  • Targeting resources more on young people and families in greatest need of support
  • Increasing the opportunities for young people to help them find work or stay in education and training.

Current Services and Expenditure

Below is a breakdown of some key services in this area and how much we are spending on them in 2013/14.

Services Budget
Safeguarding and Child Protection£2.78m
Children in Care including Fostering£19.2m
Children’s Centres and Early Years£12.23m
Family Intervention and Support£3.1m
Children with Special Needs Service including residential care£16.3m
School Improvement£3.48m
School Transport£20.67m
Special Educational Needs and Targeted Specialist Services£3.67m
Special Schools – residential£2.42m
Care Leavers£3.05m
16+ Services£2.02m
Skills and Training£2.96m
Youth Services£5.32m