Economy and growth

Economy and Growth in Devon

Devon is the third largest county in England, its economy dominated by small businesses, farming, agriculture and tourism.  A large proportion of the working population is either home-based or self-employed.

Key services include skills and innovation, business opportunities and inward investment, developing growth sectors and supply chains, developing the labour force and creating improved internet access through the Connecting Devon and Somerset Broadband programme.

This service is currently delivering significant new projects including Skypark and Exeter Science Park, and a Rural Growth Network across Devon and Somerset.

With a total budget of £3.59 million in 2013/14, our main challenges are:

  • To even out some of the disparities in Devon’s workforce across the county, some areas have a very skilled workforce, others less so
  • To encourage employment opportunities and address earnings – which, in most of Devon, are lower than the national average
  • To better exploit the assets it has for high value economic growth
  • To address the issue of towns and rural communities in more peripheral areas which are falling behind and where young people are struggling to find jobs locally which pay a reasonable wage.

Current services and expenditure

Below is a breakdown of some of the key services in this area and how much we are spending on them in 2013/14.

Economic Development£1.45m
Strategic Planning and Development£2.14m