To find out what highway reviews are happening/have taken place in Devon, please select the service from the table below.

Under review
School Crossing PatrolsClosed
Highway servicesRecommendation approved
Part-night street lighting in ExeterClosed


Roads and Highways in Devon

Devon has the largest road network in England with over 8,000 miles of highway and 3500 bridges.

With a total revenue budget of £43 million in 2013/14 we are responsible for the maintenance of the road network, including repairing potholes, looking after the drainage systems, cutting vegetation and winter gritting.  We also look after 75,000 streetlights and 3,000 miles of footpaths and public rights  of way.

In addition our capital funding budget of £39 million is used to carry out major works to restore value to the County’s roads, footways, highway structures, street lighting and traffic signals.

Decades of government under-funding and the impact of repeated  severe weather events has created a huge backlog of maintenance now estimated at over £700m.

With a revenue budget of £43 million in 2013/14, our main challenges are:

  •  Maintaining the biggest highway network in England despite a reduced budget
  • Improving connectivity to support economic growth and community resilience
  • Managing public  perception and expectation around repair and maintenance of the network
  • Securing community support to deliver highway services
  • Continuing to maintain a good road safety record.

Current services and expenditure

Below is a breakdown of some key services in this area and how much we are spending on them in 2013/14.

Road Safety£1.00m
Network Management£8.26m
Highway Maintenance£28.75m