Community: Dawlish

Date Submitted: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 10:57:45 +0000
Name: Adam Diment
Organisation: Dawlish Churches Together / UCADD
Service(s): Children and families
Review(s): Youth service
Asset interested in: Red Rock
Service interested in: No
Proposal Details: We are proposing to take on the current youth provisions and maintain and develop them. We also want to see the building become more community focused with other organizations (schools, schools project, scouts etc) using the asset as a base and meeting place. We also want to develop the current youth provision using the assets facilities of computer suit, workshop and saloon as a place young people can come and be trained in or get experience in a variety of skills, using people in appropriate trades to teach them. We also recognize that the asset has a third undeveloped floor which we want to develop into a conference center which would attract more organizations to use it. In order to sustain the groups volunteers will be needed, we currently have volunteers who are ready to help out up there, we also want current volunteers to stay on in their roles if possible. The buildings maintenance will be seen to by a large group of men who already maintain church buildings in their free time. Financial sustainability will come from a variety of areas, the churches if this goes forward will be paying for a full time youth worker to be their as well as pledging some money for running costs. Local council are also willing to give regular money to ensure provisions are provided. Advertising it as a space for other groups and forming partnerships with schools and school projects will also bring in revenue as well. Lastly we will have someone in place dedicated to just applying for grants, which by partnering with key organizations will open up new doors which haven't been used before.