Community: Dawlish

Date Submitted: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 16:02:49 +0000
Name: Andrew Woodward
Organisation: Dawlish Community College
Service(s): Children and families
Review(s): Youth service
Asset interested in: Red Rock
Service interested in: Yes
Proposal Details: During the college day: • To offer use to as many Dawlish students as possible across all curriculum areas. • To continue and expand our vocational offer in partnership with South Devon College and Ratcliffe School in order to increase skills and employability of our young people. Typical courses might be Renewable Energy Technologies, Coding, and Interactive Media. • To continue and expand work with our partner primaries especially with YR5 and 6 early intervention work to ensure successful transition to KS3 for complex needs students. • To continue and expand our partnership with South Devon College working with Entry to Employment post 16 students and adult learners looking to gain vocational qualifications. • To continue and expand our offer of facilities, (which we currently do free of charge), to other partners for conferences, training events and student activities so that Red Rock is a thriving centre for learning at the heart of the Dawlish Learning Partnership • To develop our own post 16 provision in partnership with trust partners, (South Devon College/Exeter College), ensuring that no local young person ends up NEET. • To develop the centre as a hub for the parent learning cooperative where parents become more closely involved with activity within college faculties and to meet and discuss future college development with Faculty Leaders. • To continue and expand our offer of training to other colleges in the South West and to host conferences in our areas of excellence, (Inclusion, Personalised Learning, Alternative Provision and Pupil Premium). • To provide classes in Maths and English so that any adult can achieve their level 2 qualifications in those subjects to meet the government’s drive on that target. • To provide access for those groups of learners who prefer at attend adult education during the day After the college day; 3.30pm onwards: • To run enrichment activities and clubs, (after college clubs) for the benefit of young people- e.g. homework clubs, web design clubs, art and photography, interview skills, additional construction classes; Whatever demand requires. • To re-introduce a package of adult education classes which we would decide upon after consultation with the local community, possibly through a college based series of evening information presentations/consultations. This could be delivered in partnership with South Devon College/Exeter College which could allow the teaching of some vocational qualifications within construction disciplines, catering and hairdressing/beauty alongside any other classes that the local community expressed an interest in. • To facilitate youth activities in partnership with Devon Action for Youth or the Youth service to ensure both universal and targeted provision for the young people of Dawlish. In addition, wherever possible to provide accreditation programmes for all local young people who wish to access the facilities. Some examples could be St Johns Young First Aider’s qualification, DofE, ASDAN level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications plus many others. • To encourage inter-generational activities that promote and encourage improved relations between the different demographic groups within the local community, e.g. a youth gardening service that helps maintain gardens of the elderly/those with physical impairment. • To offer facilities to local groups/societies for meetings/events. • To act as a hub to improve the general health of the community through fitness and education programmes alongside other agencies. The vision for evening use is to have user groups of all ages working alongside each other in order to better themselves and the local community, with Dawlish Community College at the centre of providing the initial structure and content but also welcoming all other local stakeholders to contribute where appropriate. Weekends: • Where required, (especially in advance of exams) facilities can be used for Saturday school revision classes for KS4 students • As now, there is an opportunity to generate revenue through private hire of the facility for parties, birthdays, other entertainment as well as being a base for any weekend youth activity that might take place. • As now there is an opportunity for local groups and societies to use the facilities for meetings/events Holidays: • There is an opportunity for the college to host Easter and Summer school activities for local young people either independently or alongside the youth service. • Adult Education classes could run through the summer holidays delivered by ourselves/South Devon College/Exeter College. • Revenue could be generated through private hire of the facilities during the holidays.