Community: Seaton

Date Submitted: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 10:46:35 +0000
Name: Christopher Drake
Organisation: Seaton Town Council
Service(s): Adult social care
Review(s): Day Services
Asset interested in: Marshlands Day Centre
Service interested in: No
Proposal Details: The Town Council wishes to take over the current building and to make use of the site as a Town Council facility, incorporating a Tourist Information Centre and hub for use for organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Job Centre, Police/PCSO drop in and District and County Councillor surgeries. In addition, the District Council is currently considering moving from its site at Sidmouth and as such could relocate further away from Seaton, therefore the Town Council is considering the set up of a Service Level Agreement with the District Council to undertake Benefits and Council Tax payments. In addition, the current use of the Day care facilities would be maintained and use of the relevant rooms offered on a free of charge level or leased back to the County on a peppercorn rent