Community: Bideford

Date Submitted: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 12:09:22 +0000
Name: Clancy Stephens – North Devon Team
Organisation: Devon Youth Service
Service(s): Children and families
Review(s): Youth service
Asset interested in: A range of staff and buildings
Service interested in: No
Proposal Details: 10 Centre Hub Model Rationale and proposal. Based on £2.1 million predicted budget. This proposal has been put forward based on comments by staff, young people and communities from the engagement events and the staff consultation. The initial model which was posted on the review website, was drawn up and proposed by young people. The re modelling of the youth service is an amazing opportunity to develop a brilliant new vision that truly embraces a multi agency approach that genuinely is about best meeting the needs of young people. How fantastic will it be to have multiagency hubs throughout the County that embrace youth work and children’s services? Recognising the financial restrictions of present budgets, this proposal seeks to best serve Devon in terms of Youth Centres in areas of deprivation and geographical location. This model also means that the Service will have a sound infrastructure and will be in a position to be able to respond to financial opportunities that may occur in the future. This model will create a positive generic focus for young people where they can expect to have long term contact with professionally trained workers who work in partnership with each other to holistically support young people, at the same time as being a focus for targeted and preventative work. This is achieved by workers from different specialisms working out of the same buildings, clearly focussing on the needs of young people. Buildings managed by Professional youth workers who then engage with Social workers, YOT workers, CAHMS, Police, and other specialists as appropriate, to ensure a successful multi disciplined approach. Social workers and YOT workers would be working out of Youth Centres to enable relationships and trust to be built up with young people, which will be invaluable when more targeted contact is required. All workers in the hub would be case holders and recordings would be supportive of universal safeguarding policy and practice, ie Care First. Fundamental to this are the Youth Work principals and the positive and voluntary engagement with young people rather than just the problem solving crisis interventions, where mistrust and lack of relationship hinders the intervention. In this model the Area Youth Worker would be responsible for managing buildings, developing local multiagency teams, linking with communities, managing staff, staff development including training, rural development opportunities ie mobiles and outreach, and local Youth Work programme which will be supported by the existing volunteering policy. This work will keep centres of excellence for adolescent development and recognise the professionalism of Youth Work by young people, partner agencies and communities. Youth workers are at present part of the day to day lives of young people and firmly embedded into the culture of communities. This is seen by other colleagues as a positive way of engaging with what they call’ hard to reach’ young people, who are in fact already positively engaged with us. Shared buildings are already emerging as local need develops. This has cost saving potential to a number of agencies. This is developing out of success and will be sustainable because it is relevant. Rooms are booked or sessions are visited by professionals meeting young people in youth centres because the young people choose to. Other young people, as a consequence, also benefit from seeing other agencies in the building, and the mystique or stigma is reduced. Safeguarding and professionalism become a shared practice bringing a clear understanding of roles and polices. Shared information between people who already have a clear and supportive relationship with each other will greatly benefit young people and cut down the need for repeated meetings and confusion around confidentiality. This leads to clearer strategies for young people with positive outcomes. This proposal strengthens the Early Help Strategy and Back to Social Work Strategy and recognises the value of and professionalism of Youth Work. We are awaiting costings before developing a staffing proposal and proposal on how many Hubs can be created. This will then be formally submitted for consideration.Clancy StephensUpdated March 21st 2014. The 10 Centre Hub Model.Based on £2 million budget as in DCC proposal.We know County will be split in-line with social care structure – 4 areas; Exeter/East & Mid / North/ South (west) – DevonStaffing costs;Senior Manager x1 £56,300 Team Leader x2 £93,000 Senior Area Youth Worker x2 £86,000 Area Youth Worker x10 £373,400 Senior Youth Support Worker x15 £370,700 Youth Support Worker x15 £309,700Total 45 youth workers cost £1,289,100Administration – Team admin + range of PT £100,000Participation Team £78,000REACH Team £124,000Sub total £1,591,100Buildings 10x £20,000 £200,000 Transport @ DCC proposal + 50% £53,000 Supplies @ DCC proposal + 50% £188,000Total £2,032,100This leaves contingency for supporting buildings that will be closed during this process, also LYN and infrastructure grants. Lettings income and other income has not been included in these costings, but we recognise there will be significant incomes.