Community: Okehampton

We have, and will continue, to invite communities to come forward to register an interest in the running of local assets or the provision of local services. Organisations and communities have done this by filling out an initial registration here.

This initial registration provides only an outline. Below is a list of these initial registrations of Community Interest.

NameInterested in Assetinterested in ServiceReview
Amanda BowenNoYesDay Services
Amanda BowenWardhayesYesResidential services
Emma CooperNoYesResidential services
Jane WilliamsNoYesDay Services
John GriffithsDay CentresYesDay Services
Mrs Karen PercivalYouth Service busesYesYouth service
Not sharedRoom 13NoYouth service
Stuart LordYouth bus and the accompanying elements e.g DJ decks, Photography equipment, inflatables- activity kit etc. We would also be interested in minibuses if they were available = pool table - music equipment etcYesYouth service
Toby DanielNoYesDay Services
Vicky Hooper & Jan DeanLyric HouseYesDay Services

Once these initial interests have been registered we aim to get back to those registrants and encourage them, if appropriate, to engage in a more involved Statement of Community Interest process so we can understand the detail and viability of their proposals. We are also doing this because working with communities to ensure a positive outcome takes resources and the Authority only has the capacity to deal with a limited number of proposals at any one time.

If you have already developed a proposal which you want evaluated for support by Devon County Council, please click here.