Community: Axminster, Honiton, Sidmouth

Date Submitted: Wed, 07 May 2014 15:08:09 +0000
Name: Debbie Humberstone
Organisation: The Project/EDVSA
Service(s): Children and families
Review(s): Youth service
Asset interested in: Axminster Young People's Centre , possibly Honiton and Sidmouth
Service interested in: Yes
Proposal Details: I currently run The Project, which was set up to provide early intervention support to young people experiencing mental health issues. We care currently based at the Axminster YPC, running a group once a week, and are looking to open groups in Honiton and Sidmouth, in response to the popularity of this service. If we are successful in obtaining funding, we would be looking to run these groups from the Young People's Centres in these towns.