Community: Crediton, Okehampton

Date Submitted: Mon, 19 May 2014 13:03:29 +0000
Name: Jane Williams
Service(s): Adult social care
Review(s): Day Services
Asset interested in: No
Service interested in: Yes
Proposal Details: Our idea has three strands - 1.Supporting people labelled as having learning disabilities to access music - in its widest sense - music sessions for fun, specific sensory music sessions , instrument lessons, song writing ,forming bands, going to gigs, festivals and performances, writing film scores, staging and touring performances, recording original material , running a record label etc etc . We’ve already been supported by Exeter University and The Joseph Rowntree foundation in the development of Turning Tides . We have plans to tour this work and also already have plans for two new projects. We’re in touch with Paul Richards ( The Stay up Late campaign) and are ready to roll out Gig Buddies locally with his support and experience. As well as community based music sessions we’d like to host a virtual music song writing network – that would enable people who access computer technology and are less comfortable in groups to form virtual collaborations. We’d like the community sessions to have a drop- in and employment element – we’re currently looking at options to run community cafes in both Credition and Okehampton. 2.Supporting people to use what they gain in terms of experience, opportunity, confidence, self esteem, ambition - to transfer those things to other aspects of their lives. Our experience ( read for example the personal journeys in the book or come to Turning Tides - see the performance and read the journals of the performers that will be exhibited .... or wait for the evaluation / report that will be written and will tell the Turning Tides story) is that access to music and the arts , development of skills in these areas and the opportunities that presents has an effect on people’s lives and personal aspirations. The CIC will provide a network of support that enables people to follow their dreams . ( the wish lists of Turning Tides performers include: a trip to Paris on the Euro star , a gig in Cornwall followed by a week end surfing, writing another book , Touring our performance, going back to the recording studios to record some more songs, having time and resources to learn more about music , composition and to develop skills on particular instruments, having a job and getting paid for doing it, getting out in the evenings more, going to a big festival , seeing all the best bands .... we’re working on making all of these wishes a reality.) The self confidence that performing brings offers another important opportunity : The CIC will develop the role of the people from within this group who would like to be supported to design and deliver training, attend conference workshops , host workshops alongside performances . The outcome will be a range of user- led training materials that explore the issues of disability and accessibility in social care and the arts ( we have experience of running sets of workshop, making films and dvds, developing online training, performing at conferences etc)