Community: Moretonhampstead

Date Submitted: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 14:34:03 +0000
Name: Joanna Winterburn
Organisation: Running Deer C.I.C
Service(s): Children and families
Review(s): Youth service
Asset interested in: No
Service interested in: Yes
Proposal Details: We would like to utilize our woodland to provide outdoor activities for youth in the Moretonhampstead area, and also covering Exeter City and neighbouring districts. Working in partnership with other organisations we will provide leisure activities to young people, in particular vulnerable and disadvantaged providing them with opportunities to access nature and the countryside; participate in activities such as bushcraft animal tracking, wild food foraging, shelter building, green woodworking, woodland games and overnight camping. All our activities encourage people to improve their health, providing exercise, opportunities to learn about healthy cooking with our wild food foraging activities and being in the natural environment encourages good mental health (MIND’s Ecotherapy report 2007, “more active lifestyle aids positive changes to our mental health.” This will be sustained through a mixture of grants, subscriptions and fundraising activities and will run alongside our existing programmes of provision for young people