Community: Kingsbridge, Newton Abbot

Date Submitted: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 14:23:54 +0000
Name: Laura Underhill
Organisation: Family Advice Support Team (FAST) CIC
Service(s): Children and families
Review(s): Youth service
Asset interested in: The Junction and/or Horizons (building and contents), Youth Activity Bus and Minibus.
Service interested in: Yes
Proposal Details: We would like to take over the Junction &/or Horizons to run as a youth and family centre. To continue to run existing youth activities but to improve the use of the building by using it as a social enterprise hub for those supporting families and young people (bringing services and young people together), and adding in parent and family provision. (This could take the form of parents during the day, youth after school and family at weekends for example). As Children's Service professionals we would be able to support existing voluntary sector provision (such as scouts or community centre run youth clubs) for advice and supervision, particularly for Safeguarding and Signposting to Early Help or training or to provide them with a qualified/experienced sessional worker where necessary. In addition, we would like to do outreach work via the youth activity bus and also the use of a minibus would enable people to be collected and brought to the hub or taken out for outings, this would double the use of the bus by not only being used for young people but also as family or parent provision. As FAST is a non-profit making business, we currently follow a business model of individually costing up each piece of work and invoicing for the support received. None of our workers are contracted, everyone works on a zero hours contract and is paid for each session they work. So each piece of work's costs are individually accounted for within their price. This may take the form of a school or professional body bulk purchasing a series of sessions (such as a school buying a parenting or cook4life course) or for the cost of the session to be split down for an individual admission charge to a session. By sharing the building use between family, professional and youth, the running costs will be also be shared. By being a social enterprise hub, income could be generated by charging a small fee for each enterprise to have access to office space, meeting rooms, access to networking and equipment. Voluntary sector provision could purchase the professional support they buy in form us and we could cover building maintenance by charging to support learning disabled adults with employment skills, doing odd jobs supported by one of our skilled support workers. Additional funding could be raised via activity sessions for young people to be involved in fun fundraising events, equally parents and families accessing the centre would attend the events put on by the young people (for example using a sessional drama teacher to support young people to put on a panto, sell tickets to the families to attend). Outreach work could involve a rural school or community buying us in to bring the youth activity bus to their community or to charge admission to come on board. Outings would be charged per head. The minibus could also be hired out when not in use for other community use. In addition, as the Junction is attached to the town leisure centre, we could provide us the Junction refreshment facilities to serve refreshments to the public who may live in the local community or access the leisure centre or schools, providing another revenue stream and work skills opportunities for young people.