Community: South Molton

Date Submitted: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 17:11:55 +0000
Name: Miss Leah Mosedale Miss Rebecca Harrison
Organisation: Phatfish youth club
Service(s): Children and families
Review(s): Youth service
Asset interested in: South Molton Youth Centre
Service interested in: Yes
Proposal Details: The aim of the youth centre, is predominantly for the young people of Chulmleigh and the surrounding areas. There is no provision in Chulmleigh or these other areas for the young people, except when run by volunteers on a Monday night – Phatfish. We are a small, independent, volunteer led group, all leaders have a passion for young people. We provide a place where these young people can come and meet with their friends outside of a school environment and have fun whilst being safe. We have activities such as the Xbox, pool table, music room and games table running every week, with other activities such as cricket or hockey in the summer months. We run activities that the young people want to do and aim to take them out to places of interest, for example, skate parks, pantomime etc. We feel that if the youth centre is used as a SEN unit, there may be a stigma attached to that building as all of the young people attend the school and will see its use as that during the day. It is important to remember that inclusion, where possible is the best solution to help children with SEN, Barton (2001) says “SEN teachers should not be able to keep disabled children separate from able bodied children in school”. That statement clearly sums up how education should be provided for young people. Putting them in a specialist unit would only cause them to feel isolated and alienated from their fellow students. Should the Academy secure use of this building during the day, it is important that we are still able to provide a setting for the young people which would not be interfered with by the equipment that may be left there. Having spoken to many of our young people, they all believe that “the school is too big now, we only have about 600 kids and there will be room for over 1,000 by September 2014, it’s ridiculous” (13 year old girl). Surely having this as an additional building would only make it seem bigger and perhaps more daunting for the new starters.