Community: Ivybridge

Date Submitted: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 14:56:39 +0000
Name: Mrs Lesley Hughes
Organisation: Ivybridge Town Council
Service(s): Adult social care
Review(s): Day Services, Residential services
Asset interested in: Butterpark Care Home
Service interested in: No
Proposal Details: Butterpark is located in Brook Road, Ivybridge adjacent to Duoro Court (operated by the Guinness Trust). Butterpark is being considered by DCC for closure and this Council would like to work with the County to explore uses for the site which would retain its social care element but expand the uses to include a health and social care campus. Ivybridge has been trying to find a location for its health centre for many years and Butterpark could provide a suitable venue as it is close to the Town Centre - something which none of the other previously identified sites could offer.